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Learn Essential Height Safety Skills To Ensure Safety in the workplace

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Why Choose our Height Safety Training Programs?

Are you ready to take your career to new heights? At Intrinsic Safety Pty Ltd (RTO 45803), we are committed to excellence in delivering crucial expertise, equipping professionals like you to tackle today’s workplace challenges head-on. Our specialised training services empower individuals and businesses to work safely at heights, offering unparalleled height safety training.

Height safety training is not just a requirement; it’s an investment in your safety and that of others. Our comprehensive height safety training courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to work confidently and securely at heights. Whether you’re an individual looking to enhance your skills or a business seeking to ensure compliance, we’ve got you covered.


Working at Heights Training

Acquire key practical safety techniques for working at heights, ensuring preparedness for elevated work environments.


Explore vital safety protocols for elevated work environments. This course provides practical skills for working at heights tasks
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Heights Rescue Training

Develop crucial practical rescue skills for fallen workers emergencies, enhancing response capabilities in aerial situations.


Learn specialised rescue techniques for fallen workers emergencies. Gain hands-on experience in challenging rescue scenarios.
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Tower Climbing and Rescue Training

Learn specialised tower climbing and rescue methods, ensuring competency in high-risk vertical operations


Master the art of tower climbing and rescue operations. Comprehensive training for effective response in vertical rescues.
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Vertical Rescue Training

Master advanced vertical rescue strategies, ensuring effective response in challenging vertical emergency conditions.


Delve into advanced methods for vertical rescue situations. Equip yourself with practical skills for complex emergency scenarios.
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Why Intrinsic Safety

Grow your Heights Safety knowledge and keep your workforce safe

Expert trainers

Our trainers are professionals with real-life experience.

full resources

Access comprehensive, up-to-date heights materials and equipment.

flexible learning

Choose from various flexible study modes to suit your schedule.

safety first

We prioritise safety, teaching you to respond effectively .

real-world training

Hands-on training to prepare you for actual first aid scenarios.

national recognition

Our courses are recognised across Australia, ensuring quality.

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