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Empowering the ADF with Critical Safety Training To Enhance Operational Capability

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Why Choose our Defence Training Programs?

In ensuring the operational capability and safety of Defence personnel, choosing the right training partner is absolutely crucial. Intrinsic Safety stands as your premier choice for customised Defence Training across Australia, anchored in our position as a veteran-owned and operated business with a profound foundation in Defence principles and first-hand experience. Here’s what sets us apart:

Veteran-Owned Expertise

At Intrinsic Safety, we bring more than just skills in training; we’re a team of seasoned professionals with extensive Defence backgrounds. This veteran-owned and operated ethos means our training is deeply rooted in real Defence scenarios, equipping your team with the skills they need to enhance individual and team capabilities in challenging environments.

Nationwide, Tailored Training Solutions

Proudly serving the entire nation, we recognise the diverse needs of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) across different regions. Our customised Defence training programs are thoughtfully designed to meet the unique challenges and risks associated with Defence operations, ensuring they are relevant and effective in enhancing capabilities.

Comprehensive Safety Training Portfolio

Our comprehensive safety training portfolio caters specifically to the Defence sector, covering key areas such as Work Health and Safety (WHS), Height Safety and Rescue, Confined Spaces Safety and Rescue, First Aid, and Fire and Emergency Response, all tailored to meet the unique challenges and standards of Defence operations in both peacetime and warlike environments.

Engaging and Practical Training Approach

We champion a training methodology that’s both informative and engaging, blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on exercises. This approach ensures that participants are fully prepared to apply their new skills in real-world environments, enhancing operational readiness and safety.

Trusted by Defence

Our dedication to excellence in Defence training is evidenced by our strong track record. Intrinsic Safety has been the trusted training provider for Defence units across Australia, recognised for our commitment and the effectiveness of our programs.

Ongoing Support and Resources

Our support extends beyond the training sessions. We offer continuous support and access to resources, including online materials, refresher courses, and expert advice, ensuring the enduring impact of our training.

A Defence-Focused Service

With an in-depth understanding of the complexities of Defence operations and the unique challenges faced by Australian Defence Force personnel nationwide, we’re committed to delivering specialised and responsive training services. Our veteran-owned and operated status enhances our Defence-oriented approach, ensuring our training provides a comprehensive safety solution tailored to the specific needs of Defence personnel and units across Australia.



Our Defence WHS training suite offers comprehensive courses tailored to reinforce safety protocols and practices within military settings.
These courses are ideally suited for military units aiming to enhance their personnel's grasp and application of work health and safety (WHS) standards in diverse Defence environments.
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Our Defence height safety training suite offers specialised courses aimed at equipping military personnel with the skills and knowledge to operate safely in elevated environments.
These courses are specifically tailored for Defence contexts requiring elevated operations, such as engineering, maintenance, and field setups, emphasising risk assessment, correct safety gear usage, and emergency protocols.
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Our confined spaces training suite provides in-depth instruction for Defence personnel navigating and operating within high risk environments.
Critical for Defence roles in engineering, field operations, and emergency response, these courses address vital safety measures, emergency protocols, and best practices for operating in high-risk confined spaces.
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Our first aid training suite is customised for Defence units, providing military personnel with essential skills for effective emergency response.
These courses are pivotal in bolstering operational safety across diverse Defence environments, including barracks, field operations, and community service locations.
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We provide a comprehensive suite of fire and emergency response training courses, specifically developed to equip Defence units with the capabilities to effectively manage and respond to fire and emergency scenarios.
This training is essential across a range of Defence settings, from military installations and operational bases to field camps and support facilities.
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Recognising the demands for adaptability in Defence, we also provide a selection of Online WHS Training options tailored for military personnel.
These courses offer a flexible and effective means for Defence personnel to undertake their training at their own pace, ideally suited to accommodate rigorous OPTEMPO and the necessities of distance learning.
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Why Intrinsic Safety

Enhance your Teams Capability and ensure the safety of your personnel

Expert trainers

Our instructors are seasoned Defence professionals, bringing invaluable field experience.

full resources

Gain access to the latest Defence-oriented WHS materials and tactical equipment.

flexible learning

Select from a range of flexible learning methods tailored to Defence schedules.

safety first

Safety is our top priority, equipping you with strategies for effective response in Defence contexts.

real-world training

Engage in hands-on exercises designed to simulate real military operational scenarios.

national recognition

Our courses are recognised across Australia, guaranteeing top-tier quality and relevance.

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