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Our specialised safety consulting services lead the way in creating a safer, more compliant work environment. Specialising in comprehensive risk management and tailored safety strategies, our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional safety consulting solutions.

At Intrinsic Safety, we understand the unique challenges faced by organisations in maintaining a secure workplace. Our approach is focussed on creating sustainable safety practices that not only comply with regulations but also promote a culture of safety awareness and proactive risk prevention.

Partner with us to transform your workplace safety standards and ensure the wellbeing of your employees.

Confined Space Safety Consulting

Classification Audit

Comprehensive examination and classification of confined spaces for safety and compliance.

Hazard Assessment

Evaluation of potential risks and hazards within confined spaces.

Risk Assessment

Detailed analysis of risks associated with working in confined spaces.

Confined Space Register

Creating or updating a record of all confined spaces on a site.

Permit System

Establishing or revising a permit protocol for safe confined space entry.

Emergency Response

Formulating or refining emergency response strategies for confined spaces.

Control Systems

Implementing or updating systems for managing and controlling confined space operations.

Site Policy/Procedure

Revising or creating policies and procedures for confined space activities.

Emergency Response Safety Consulting

Emergency Response Plans

Formulating or updating comprehensive emergency response strategies.

Response Requirements

Establishing or revising site-specific emergency response needs.

Response Training Needs

Assessing and updating training requirements for emergency responses.

Response Training Activities

Facilitating and executing training activities for emergency response.

Response Effectiveness

Evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response plans.

Risk Planning

Developing emergency response plans based on thorough risk analysis.

Contingency Planning

Preparing backup plans for unforeseen emergency situations.

Efficiency Review

Assessing operations for potential efficiency improvements and cost savings.

Alternate Delivery Models

Evaluating and creating alternative models for service and product delivery.

Workplace Emergency Safety Consulting

Emergency Response Procedures

Creating or revising procedures for emergency responses.

Site Emergency Procedures

Updating or establishing site-specific emergency protocols.

Exercise Planning / Conduct

Planning, executing, and reviewing emergency response drills and exercises.

Training Requirements

Assessing and updating training needs and requirements.

Emergency Control Organisation

Revising or developing requirements for emergency control organisations.

Emergency Equipment

Evaluating and advising on the necessities for emergency equipment in workplaces.

Height Safety Consulting

Equipment Check

Inspection and verification of height safety equipment integrity.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Assessing the training requirements for height safety operations.

Risk Assessments

Creating or re-evaluating risk assessments for various operations.

Rescue Plans

Designing or updating emergency rescue plans and strategies.

Safe Work Methods

Establishing or revising safe work practices and methodologies.


Formulating or updating height safety management procedures and guides.

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