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Learn Essential Confined Space Skills To Ensure Safety in the Workplace

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Why Choose our Confined Spaces Training Programs?

 Focusing on confined spaces training for workplace safety is crucial. Don’t overlook its importance. Our confined spaces training courses are for individuals and businesses. We help you work in challenging environments.

At Intrinsic Safety, we understand the importance of confined spaces safety training in various industries, from construction to manufacturing. Our commitment to excellence delivers crucial expertise, equipping professionals to tackle today’s workplace challenges.

confined spaces TRAINING

Confined Space Entry Training

Acquire crucial skills for safe entry into confined spaces, ensuring preparedness for diverse workplace environments.


Acquire vital skills for confined space entry, ensuring safe practices in complex work environments
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confined spaces TRAINING

Supervise confined space entry training

Learn to effectively oversee confined space operations, ensuring safety and compliance in high-risk areas.


Learn key supervision skills for confined spaces, ensuring safety and compliance under your watch.
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confined spaces TRAINING

Gas detector user training

Master the use of gas detectors, enhancing safety and response capabilities in hazardous environments.


Master gas detection techniques, ensuring readiness for hazardous environments and potential gas threats.
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confined spaces TRAINING

Breathing apparatus training

Develop proficiency in using breathing apparatus, ensuring reliable performance in oxygen-deficient atmospheres.


Gain essential skills in breathing apparatus usage, ensuring safety in environments with compromised air quality.
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confined spaces TRAINING

Breathing Apparatus (Fire) Training

Specialise in fire-specific breathing apparatus use, ensuring effective response in fire emergency situations.


Develop expertise in fire-specific breathing apparatus, ensuring preparedness for fire-related emergencies.
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confined spaces TRAINING

Confined Space Rescue Training

Gain expert rescue techniques for confined spaces, ensuring swift and safe response in critical rescue operations.


Learn critical rescue skills for confined spaces, ensuring effective emergency response in tight situations.
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Why Intrinsic Safety

Grow your Confined Spaces knowledge and keep your workforce safe

Expert trainers

Our trainers are professionals with real-life experience.

full resources

Comprehensive, up-to-date confined spaces materials and equipment.

flexible learning

Choose from various flexible study modes to suit your schedule.

safety first

We prioritise safety, teaching you to respond effectively to emergencies.

real-world training

Hands-on training to prepare you for actual confined spaces scenarios.

national recognition

Our courses are recognised across Australia, ensuring quality.

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