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Empowering Aged Care and Disability Workers with Essential Training To Elevate Care Quality and Safety

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Why Choose our Aged Care Disability Courses?

In the essential sectors of aged care and disability services, selecting the right training provider is paramount for enhancing safety, care quality, and the operational efficiency of your team. Intrinsic Safety is distinguished as the premier choice for aged care disability courses across Australia, founded on our profound understanding of health and safety principles and our steadfast commitment to excellence.

Here’s why our aged care disability courses are the best fit for your training needs, including tailored programs for Disability Support Workers in Supported Independent Living facilities, Aged Care Worker Training, and Disability Support Worker Training:

Tailored Expertise in Aged Care and Disability Services

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who specialise in aged care and disability services, including specific expertise for Supported Independent Living. This specialisation ensures our courses are directly aimed at addressing the real-world challenges your staff encounter, equipping them with the necessary skills to improve care quality and ensure the safety of those you serve.

Nationwide, Customised Aged Care Disability Courses

We offer our specialised aged care disability courses across Australia, acknowledging the diverse needs of aged care facilities, disability service providers, and Supported Independent Living facilities in various regions. Our courses are custom-designed to meet the particular challenges and requirements of each service area, guaranteeing relevance and impact.

Comprehensive Safety Training Portfolio

Our wide array of courses covers key areas such as Work Health and Safety (WHS), First Aid, and Workplace Emergency Response, all tailored to the unique needs of aged care and disability services. This ensures your team is prepared to manage emergencies effectively and maintain a safe environment for both staff and clients.

Engaging and Practical Training Approach

We employ a training methodology that integrates essential theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on exercises, making the learning experience both engaging and effective. This approach guarantees that participants are ready to apply their new skills in real-life scenarios, thereby enhancing overall safety and operational readiness.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our commitment to delivering high-quality aged care disability courses has earned us the trust of industry leaders across Australia, recognised for our dedication and the positive outcomes of our training programmes.

Ongoing Support and Resources

We provide ongoing support and access to resources beyond the completion of our courses, including online materials, refresher courses, and expert advice. This ongoing commitment helps sustain high standards of safety and care.

Specialised Courses for Diverse Needs

Understanding the intricacies and unique challenges of aged care and disability services is at the core of what we do. We are devoted to offering specialised and responsive training courses tailored to the needs of Aged Care Workers, Disability Support Workers, and staff in Supported Independent Living facilities, enhancing the safety and quality of care for those you support.

Choosing our aged care disability courses ensures your team is provided with the highest level of skills and knowledge needed to provide exceptional care in both aged care and disability support settings.

Raise the standard of your services with our expertly designed training solutions, specifically tailored for the unique demands of your sector.



Our Aged Care and Disability WHS Training Suite offers comprehensive courses tailored to reinforce safety protocols and practices within care settings.
These courses are ideally suited for aged care facilities and disability service providers aiming to enhance their personnel's grasp and application of work health and safety (WHS) standards in diverse care environments.
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We provide a comprehensive suite of fire and emergency response training courses, specifically developed to equip staff in aged care facilities and disability service providers with the capabilities to effectively manage and respond to fire and emergency scenarios.
This training is essential across a range of care settings, from residential aged care homes and disability support facilities to community care services and support centres.
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Our first aid training suite is customised for aged care and disability services, providing staff with essential skills for effective emergency response.
These courses are pivotal in bolstering safety and preparedness across diverse care environments, including aged care facilities, disability support centres, and community care services.
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Recognising the demands for adaptability in aged care and disability sectors, we also provide a selection of Online WHS Training options tailored for care staff.
These courses provide a flexible and effective way for aged care and disability service staff to undertake their training at their own pace, perfectly suited to accommodate the demanding schedules and the necessities of remote learning.
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Why Intrinsic Safety

Enhance your Teams Expertise and ensure the safety of staff and clients

Expert trainers

Our facilitators bring invaluable real-world experience in the aged care disability sector.

full resources

Gain access to the latest care-oriented WHS materials and support tools.

flexible learning

Select from a range of flexible learning methods tailored to care schedules.

safety first

Safety is our top priority, equipping you with strategies for effective response in care contexts.

real-world training

Engage in hands-on exercises designed to simulate real care operational scenarios.

national recognition

Our courses are recognised across Australia, guaranteeing top-tier quality and relevance.

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