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Overview | Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Embark on an engaging journey of professional development and empowerment with our Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety course. This program, meticulously crafted for both newcomers and experienced practitioners, stands as a testament to excellence in workplace safety and health education.

Discover Unparalleled Expertise

Our course dives deep into the critical aspects of Work Health and Safety (WHS), seamlessly integrating theoretical foundations with practical application. You will interact with seasoned instructors, gaining skills that elevate your professional capabilities. From comprehending complex safety legislation to implementing effective hazard control measures, each topic receives our undivided attention and expertise.

Tailored Learning Experience

Recognising the varied backgrounds and goals of our students, we offer a flexible learning structure. Our program is designed to adapt to your unique learning requirements, whether you’re beginning your journey in WHS or seeking to enhance your existing skills. With us, your educational experience is not just about learning; it’s about evolving in your professional role.

State-of-the-Art Resources and Support

Engage with cutting-edge learning resources and receive unwavering support throughout your educational journey. Our commitment to providing an enriching and realistic learning environment enables you to fully immerse yourself in the course, mastering skills essential for today’s dynamic workplace scenarios.

Commitment to Safety and Professional Excellence

At the heart of our training is a steadfast dedication to safety and professional excellence. We understand the vital role of WHS professionals in safeguarding workplaces, and our course is meticulously designed to foster a deep understanding and competence in all aspects of workplace safety. Graduates leave our program not just as qualified individuals, but as influential, skilled professionals ready to make a tangible impact in their field.

Embarking on our Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety course is a transformative step towards career advancement and professional mastery. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in the critical field of Work Health and Safety. Enrol today and chart a course towards becoming a key contributor to safer workplaces and healthier work environments.

Who Will Benefit from the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety?

Our Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety course is designed to cater to a wide range of professionals, each seeking to elevate their understanding and application of WHS practices. This comprehensive training is particularly beneficial for:

> Aspiring WHS Professionals

If you’re aiming to kickstart your career in the field of Work Health and Safety, this course lays the perfect foundation. It equips you with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to navigate the complexities of WHS roles effectively.

> Current WHS Officers and Supervisors

For those already in WHS roles, this Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety training offers an invaluable opportunity to update and expand your expertise. Stay abreast of the latest industry standards and practices, ensuring you continue to make a significant impact in your workplace.

> Team Leaders and Managers

Leaders and managers across various sectors will find this course incredibly beneficial. It’s essential to understand and implement effective health and safety practices within your teams. This training empowers you to foster a culture of safety and well-being in your workplace.

> Small Business Owners

Navigating WHS requirements can be a challenge for small business owners. This course demystifies the legal and practical aspects of WHS, enabling you to create a safer, more compliant work environment.

> Human Resources Professionals

HR professionals play a crucial role in implementing and overseeing WHS policies within organisations. This certification will enhance your ability to manage these responsibilities effectively, contributing to a healthier and safer workforce.

Enhance Your Professional Path with Our Course

By enrolling in our Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, you’re not just gaining a qualification; you’re building a skillset that’s essential in today’s workplace. Whether you’re stepping into the WHS field or looking to strengthen your existing role, this course offers the knowledge and practical skills you need. Join a community of professionals committed to making a difference in workplace safety and health. Enrol now and take a significant step forward in your professional journey.

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety: Online Learning Experience

Embrace flexible learning with our Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (Cert 4 WHS) offered entirely online. This flexible learning option brings the classroom to you, allowing you to balance your professional development with your personal commitments.

Why Choose the Online Cert 4 WHS Course? 

> Flexibility and Convenience: Learn at your own pace and schedule. Our online platform is accessible 24/7, providing the freedom to study when it suits you best.

> Interactive and Engaging Content: Engage with dynamic course materials, including videos, interactive simulations, and real-life case studies, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

> Expert Support and Guidance: Even though you’re learning online, you’re never alone. Receive ongoing support from our experienced instructors and join a community of peers for collaborative learning.

> Practical Skills, Virtual Environment: Master WHS skills through virtual scenarios that mimic real workplace challenges. This practical approach ensures you gain hands-on experience, essential for your professional growth.

Tailored for Diverse Learning Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned WHS professional looking to update your skills or a newcomer stepping into the field, our online course caters to a broad range of learning needs. The course structure allows you to delve into topics at a depth that matches your experience level, making it suitable for everyone.

Seamless Integration with Professional Life

The online Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety is designed for seamless integration into your working life. Apply what you learn in real-time, bringing immediate value to your role and workplace. This real-world application enhances your learning experience, solidifying your newfound skills and knowledge.

Empower Your Career Path from Anywhere

Our online Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (CERT 4 WHS) course is more than just a program; it’s a gateway to advancing your career in Work Health and Safety. With the flexibility and comprehensive curriculum it offers, you’re equipped to become an influential safety professional, regardless of your location. Enrol today and take the first step towards becoming a key player in ensuring workplace safety and well-being.


Course Fees

  • Individuals: Available in Distance (Online) mode for $2500 (GST exempt) with flexible payment terms available. 
  • Group Bookings: Contact us to discuss a customised quote.

Refunds & Fee Protection

Payment Information

  • Individuals: Ready to dive in? Flexible payment terms include 10 x monthly payments of $250 or 5 x monthly payments of $500.
  • Group Bookings: Tailored to suit you. We’ll arrange payment terms that work for both us and your team.

This course can be delivered/assessed in the workplace, online, or at a facility organised by Intrinsic Safety Pty Ltd (RTO 45803).

Course Duration & Modes

  • Face to Face Training: 8 day intensive, hands-on session. Can be broken into 4 x 2-day modules. Includes additional requirement of self-paced online theory and practical assessments. 12 months to complete.
  • Distance Mode: Flexible self-paced fully-online learning with 12 months to complete.
  • Accelerated Learning: Self-Paced online training and assessment + 5 days Face to Face training workshop.

Choose the method that best fits your needs for confident WHS skills.

Our detailed Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (CERT IV WHS) course outline ensures a thorough grasp of:

Work Health and Safety Laws and Principles

    • Work Health And Safety Laws In Australia
    • Principles Underpinning WHS Laws In Australia
    • Objectives Of WHS Laws In Australia
    • WHS Harmonisation
    • Accessing Current WHS Laws

Sources and Accessing WHS Information

    • Internal Sources Of WHS Information
    • External Sources Of WHS Information
    • Accessing WHS Information
    • Analysing Accessed Information

Duties and Responsibilities in WHS

    • WHS Duty Holders
    • Duties And Responsibilities Of The PCBU
    • Duties Of Officers
    • Duties Of Workers
    • Duties Of Other Persons At The Workplace
    • Rights Of Duty Holders
    • Obligations Of Duty Holders

Legal Aspects and Compliance in WHS

    • Identifying WHS Duties, Rights And Obligations
    • Clarifying WHS Legal Requirements
    • Seeking Advice From Legal Advisers
    • WHS Regulator
    • WHS Regulator Functions
    • WHS Regulator Powers
    • Providing Advice Of Regulator Functions
    • How WHS Regulators Exercise Their Powers
    • WHS Regulator Enforcement Action

WHS Inspections and Compliance Assessment

    • WHS Inspectors
    • Assessing Workplace Compliance With WHS Laws
    • Areas To Be Assessed For Compliance
    • Reporting On Compliance Assessment Outcomes
    • Compliance Assessment Report Format
    • Non-Conformance And Non-Compliance
    • Contributing Factors To WHS Non-Compliance
    • Recommending Corrective Actions

WHS Training and Policies

    • Determining WHS Training Needs
    • 70:20:10 Framework
    • Conducting A Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
    • Common Workplace WHS Training Requirements
    • Induction Training
    • Providing WHS Training
    • Workplace WHS Policies, Procedures And Process
    • Modifying Workplace Policies To Support Compliance
    • Components Of A WHS Policy, Procedure, And Process

WHS Communication and Consultation

    • Developing A Communication Plan
    • Benefits Of Using A Communication Plan
    • Monitoring Implementation
    • Consultation And Participation Requirements
    • Consultation And Cooperation (Various Stakeholders)
    • Communicating Roles And Responsibilities
    • Organisational Consultation Processes
    • When Is Consultation Required
    • Identifying Who Needs To Be Consulted
    • Characteristics Of WHS Consultation Processes
    • Setting Up And Implementing WHS Consultation Processes
    • Creating Feedback Opportunities
    • Documenting Consultation
    • Promoting And Supporting Participation In WHS Consultation
    • Communicating And Sharing WHS Information
    • Consultation Training Requirements
    • Contributing To Sharing WHS Information
    • Methods Of Making WHS Information Accessible

Risk Management in WHS

    • What Is A Hazard?
    • How Are Hazards Categorised?
    • Defining Risk
    • Regulatory Requirements Related To Risk Control
    • Accessing WHS Laws Relevant To Risk Control
    • Methodology For Reviewing WHS Laws
    • Workplace And External Sources Of Risk Control Information
    • Analysing Information And Data
    • Confirming Hazard And Risk Information
    • Seeking Technical And Other Advice
    • Organisational Requirements For Risk Management
    • Complying With Organisational Requirements
    • Establishing A Process For Risk Management
    • Identifying, Assessing, And Prioritising Hazards
    • Determining, Implementing, And Evaluating Control Measures

WHS Management Systems and Plans

    • Work Health And Safety Management Systems
    • Regulatory Requirements For WHSMS
    • Regulatory Authority WHSMS Tools
    • Standards And Guidance Material For WHSMS
    • Duty Holder Contribution To WHSMS
    • Elements, Tailoring, And Hierarchy Of A WHS Management System
    • Process Of Developing A WHS Management System
    • WHS Management System Vs WHS Management Plan
    • Recording And Communicating The WHS Management System Plan
    • Integrating Feedback Into The WHSMS
    • WHS Management System Implementation Process
    • Components And Roles In The Implementation Plan
    • Communicating The Plan To Stakeholders
    • Facilitating Contribution
    • Monitoring And Evaluating The Effectiveness Of The WHSMS Plan

Incident Response and Investigation in WHS

    • Workplace Incident Response
    • Duty Holder Responsibilities In Incident Response
    • Regulatory Requirements For Incident Response
    • Workplace Policies And Procedures For Incident Response
    • Communicating Requirements For Incident Response
    • Notifying Managers Of Incidents
    • Developing Communication Mechanisms
    • Providing Initial Assistance
    • Documenting The Incident
    • Notifiable Incidents And Reporting Procedures
    • Collecting WHS Incident Information
    • Organisational Response To Incidents
    • Incident Investigation Processes
    • WHS Incident Investigation Methodologies
    • Conducting A 5-Whys Analysis
    • Reviewing WHS Incident Reports
    • Contacting Stakeholders During Investigation
    • Communicating Incident Investigation Outcomes
    • Developing, Obtaining Approval, And Communicating Recommendations

Contractor Management and WHS

    • Contractor Services
    • Services Provided Under Contract Arrangements
    • Contractor Work Arrangements
    • Contracts And Agreements
    • Duties, Rights And Obligations Of Contractors
    • WHS Implications Of Contractors
    • Identifying Services To Be Supplied By Contractors
    • Regulatory Requirements For Contractor Management
    • Organisational Policies And Procedures For Contractor Management
    • Contractor WHS Compliance Requirements
    • Reviewing Contractor Compliance Requirements
    • Providing Relevant WHS Documentation
    • Conducting A WHS Induction Briefing
    • Documenting The Completed Induction
    • Contractor Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • Identifying Documents To Review Against KPI
    • Conducting Workplace Inspections
    • WHS Inspection Checklist
    • Documenting Contractor WHS Non-Compliance
    • Investigating Contractor WHS Non-Compliance
    • Reporting Contractor WHS Non-Compliance
    • Stakeholders For Reporting
    • Consultation With The Contractor
    • Escalating WHS Non-Compliance

Monitoring Workplace Conditions and Equipment

    • Purpose Of Monitoring Workplace Conditions
    • Regulatory Requirements And Standards For Monitoring
    • Organisational Policies And Procedures For Monitoring
    • Internal And External Sources Of WHS Information For Monitoring
    • Obtaining Specialist Advice
    • Identifying Agents And Conditions To Monitor
    • Common Types And Selection Of Measuring Equipment
    • Impact Of Various Factors On Equipment Selection
    • Limits Of Expertise And Equipment
    • Preparing For And Conducting Monitoring Data Collection
    • Ensuring Safety During Sampling And Testing
    • Monitoring Equipment Characteristics
    • Interpreting And Evaluating Monitoring Results
    • Understanding Exposure Standards
    • Preparing The Monitoring Report
    • Recording And Retaining Records
    • Communication Strategies For Monitoring Results

Leadership and Research in WHS

    • What Is Leadership?
    • Leadership In Workplace Health And Safety
    • Key Qualities Of A Safety Leader
    • Strategies For Demonstrating Safety Leadership
    • Safety Leadership Theories
    • Common Safety Leadership Styles
    • Role Modelling In Safety Leadership
    • Integrity And Credibility In Safety Leadership
    • Organisational Values And Ethics
    • Expectations Of Behaviour In Safety Leaders
    • Research Policies And Procedures
    • Common Research Strategies
    • Assessing Information Sources
    • Assessing Reliability And Validity
    • Identifying WHS Research Objectives
    • Identifying Potential Information Sources
    • Confirming Relevance Of Information
    • Analysing Information
    • Drawing And Justifying Conclusions
    • Identifying Methods Of Reporting Research Findings
    • Drafting, Reviewing, And Distributing The Report
    • Obtaining Feedback On Report Findings

Written Communication and Documentation in WHS

    • Organisational Policies And Procedures For Documentation
    • Organisational Style Guide
    • Rules And Conventions For Written English
    • Key Text And Basic Design Elements
    • Impact Of Format On Readability And Cohesion
    • Sequencing Categories Of Information
    • Key Features Of Written Communication Methods
    • Process For Checking The Document
    • Key Features Of Word Processing Software
    • Determining The Audience, Purpose, And Requirements Of The Document
    • Determining Format, Style, And Structure
    • Establishing The Method Of Communication
    • Developing Content Overview
    • Sequencing The Document
    • Confirming Cohesiveness And Purpose
    • Developing Draft Document
    • Identifying Gaps
    • Drafting And Reviewing Text
    • Confirming Approval Of Draft Text
    • Applying Basic Design
    • Checking Final Document

Assessment Methods

We provide a well-rounded assessment process that encompasses both practical tasks and scenarios, as well as written theory assessments, throughout the training. This comprehensive approach ensures a thorough evaluation of your skills and knowledge, allowing you to demonstrate your competency in real-world application and theoretical understanding.

Specific Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (CERT IV WHS) assessment tasks to be undertaken include:

  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Research, Review and Analyse WHS Laws – Practical
  • Consultation and Information Dissemination – Practical
  • WHS Audits and Reporting – Practical
  • Training and Skill Development – Practical
  • Policy Development, Communication, and Monitoring – Practical
  • Comprehensive Review and Documentation of WHS Consultation Processes – Practical
  • WHS Consultation Process Rollout and Continuous Improvement – Practical
  • Review of Organisational Risk Assessment for Site Operations – Practical
  • Review of Organizational Risk Management Policy and Procedures – Practical
  • Risk Management for Forklift Operation in a Warehouse – Practical
  • Risk Management for Psychosocial Hazards – Practical
  • Development and Implementation of a Work Health and Safety  Management System (WHSMS) Plan – Practical
  • Review of Incident Response Policies and Procedures – Practical
  • Incident Response and Investigation – Serious Chemical Burn – Practical
  • Incident Response and Investigation – Fall from Height Impalement Injury – Practical
  • Managing Contractor WHS Compliance – Practical
  • Conducting Workplace Monitoring – Practical
  • Develop and Implement an Enhanced Safety Leadership Program – Practical
  • Analyse and Present Workplace Incident Investigation Research – Practical
  • Plan, Draft and Finalise Complex Documents – Practical

Entry Requirements

  • Pre-Course Study: Depending on the course mode, online pre-course work may be required before the face-to-face session.
  • Online Study Requirements: A computer, smartphone, tablet, or similar device with internet access is needed for online or pre-course studies.

For comprehensive details on your rights and responsibilities, including our complaints and appeals process, kindly refer to the Pre-Enrolment Participant Handbook on our website.

We’re committed to fostering an enriching learning environment. Key to this is understanding your Language, Literacy, Numeracy (LLN), and Digital Literacy skills, essential for your course success.

  • LLN Evaluation Verification

  • Digital Literacy Checklist

  • Formal LLN Evaluation

    • Tailored Support: If required, you can complete our Formal LLN Evaluation online, helping us understand your skill levels for personalised support.

These tools ensure you start your course with all the support you need for a successful learning journey. For any questions or extra assistance, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected].


Pre-Enrolment Participant Handbook

Intrinsic Safety Pty Ltd (RTO 45803) offers a detailed pre-enrolment participant handbook for those interested in our programs. This handbook helps you understand your rights when you enrol with us.

We advise you to read and understand the handbook thoroughly before enrolling in any nationally accredited training program offered by Intrinsic Safety Pty Ltd. This ensures you are well-informed about the enrolment process and the program details.

If there is anything in the handbook where you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to call Intrinsic Safety on 1300 990 336 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you.

LLN and Digital Literacy

You can complete these activities, using the links below now, or once you have enrolled:

  • LLN Evaluation: It’s important for us to understand your language, literacy, and numeracy skills to best support your learning. Please complete the LLN Evaluation Verification, accessible HERE.
  • Digital Literacy Checklist: To ensure you’re prepared for our digital learning environment, please fill out the Pre-Enrolment Digital Literacy Checklist available HERE.
BSB41419 Cert IV WHS

Now is the time to get qualified.

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