First Aid training

How to Know if CPR is effective

February 2020

First Aid Response Series

To determine if the CPR you are performing is effective, there are several signs to look for:

  • Have someone else feel for a carotid pulse during compressions and watch to see the patients chest rise during ventilations.
  • Listen for exhalation of air, either naturally or during compressions, as additional verification that air has entered the lungs.

In addition, any of the following indications of effective CPR may be noticed:

  • Pupils constrict
  • Skin colour improves
  • Heartbeat returns spontaneously
  • Spontaneous, gasping respirations are made
  • Arms and legs move
  • Swallowing is attempted
  • Consciousness returns


For this and additional life saving information you can have your staff attend one of our CPR or First Aid + CPR Courses. Alternately, you can contact us on 1300 990 336 or email us at info@intrinsicsafety.com.au

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