Our Story

Working in Confined Spaces Course

At Intrinsic Safety Training, we are determined to deliver the very best safety training to contribute to safety improvement across all industries.

Safety is a core value of our business and it is an intrinsic belief that dictates our actions in all circumstances.

Intrinsic Safety Training offers more than theoretical or abstract ideas. We offer solutions.

working at heights course

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the highest standards of training to enable individuals and business to realise their own safety goals. 

Partnering with Intrinsic Safety Training means choosing a professional organisation who cares as much about you and your employees as we care for our own. Along with our growing team of safety professionals, our entire team is dedicated to developing your team’s safety attitude, skills and knowledge to produce the safest possible working environment.

Our processes are centred around our vision to create a training environment that places the highest value on the individual, to instil a sense of ownership and to embrace excellence in all aspects of safety.

Not just theory, Intrinsic Safety Training offers hands-on practical courses to enhance the safety performance of individuals and teams alike.

We believe that accidents can be prevented and that safety is an integral part of everyone’s job. 

Hazardous Chemicals Response

Programs Tailored To Meet Your Goals

Your business faces unique challenges and opportunities and ‘Cookie-Cutter” training programs aren’t going to get the results you seek. Our training programs are carefully designed to account for your unique circumstances and specific safety goals.

We pay careful attention to the individual needs of everyone who attends our training. Every person has a particular learning style that suits them best and our programs make sure that all can enjoy and benefit from the training.

Top Quality Trainers You Won't Get Anywhere Else

The key to a successful training program is the skill of the trainer. The program itself is a powerful vehicle but a top-notch trainer is needed to steer the course to a successful conclusion.

All of our trainers are specialists in their field. In addition, they have all had to qualify to attend our intensive Train-the-Trainer program. That makes sure they meet our high professional training standard and ensures every course is consistent in quality and content.

All our trainers are dynamic, friendly people who have years of experience and are highly skilled in using interactive teaching techniques and accelerated learning principles. You will not find a comparable group of such skilled professionals anywhere else.

Brendan Day


The owner and founder of Intrinsic Safety Training, Brendan Day, brings leadership and disciplined energy to deliver high quality outcomes for his business and his clients.

Brendan’s scope of knowledge and advice is significant. With a military background and extensive WHS, training, emergency response and fire fighting experience he has spent the last several years as a trainer, senior manager and executive in the safety training sector, always believing that the priority for any training business is giving trainers the quality equipment, experiences and training materials to deliver top quality outcomes for clients.

Brendan pursues dual goals –  he is a leader that works both in and on the business of Intrinsic Safety Training. For his team, he provides valuable mentoring assistance and support and sets very high standards of excellence. His leadership continually builds a team of safety professionals at Intrinsic Safety Training who are highly capable, empowered and motivated. This means that clients can confidently rely on consistency and quality of service that more than meets their expectations.